High Quality Shipping Supplies

We've put a lot of thought into the type of supplies we offer our clients and have searched for the best possible vendors to meet our high standards.

While the industry standard is to use 1/2" insulation, we use 1". This is even more important in our Canadian winters.

Our kits were custom designed based on our over a decades worth of experience shipping a large variety of reptile, amphibian, invert and aquatic species.

All our boxes also comply with IATA regulations and the proper labeling of the boxes with "live animals" etc.

Just over a decade ago, it wasn't easy sourcing insulated boxes for animal shipping. The majority of breeders and sellers used to visit Home Depot to purchase large sheets of Styrofoam and cut the pieces to size themselves. We used to do this as well, and boy, what a mess the Styrofoam pieces would make.

Others, would go to pet stores and grab fish shipping boxes. But these were always very large boxes, which was overkill for the small reptiles to be shipped in, and the large boxes also increased the shipping rates.

Now, you rarely hear of anyone cutting Styrofoam themselves as we were the first to produce them on a large scale specific for the reptile community in Canada.

From day one, our mission has always been to innovate and pioneer new methods to simplify the process of shipping reptiles and other cold blooded animals. The Canadian hobby, turned industry is more active than ever and continues to grow rapidly. We're excited for what the future has in store for the community!

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