Escrow Service  

Ever wanted to purchase animals from a seller’s classified ad but you had never heard of them before? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a reputable service that would act as an intermediary to ensure a smooth transaction for both parties?
Well, let us introduce you to our trusted and popular Escrow Service. Our clients have done over $150,000 in trade/sales through this option with tremendous results.
So, if you’re looking for an added peace of mind with your transaction…look no further. We’re here to help!

The shipping fee and animal values would need to be paid to us via 2 separate payments. The animal value can only be sent via e-Transfer.

If the seller drops off the animals at any of our ProPak! Centres, the funds will be released to them that same day (via EMT) upon verification of the animals by one of our representatives.

If the seller is not local to any of our ProPak! Centres, we would require a picture of the animal(s) noted in the for sale ad. We would then email both parties this picture so that everyone is on the same page.
The funds would then be released to the seller, once the consignee has confirmed verification of the animals to be what they were sold as upon delivery.


  • $20 (on the first $1,999 animal value) OR
    1% of the animal value (when the animal value is over $2,000) OR 1.5% of the animal value (when the animal value is over $5,000 up to a max of $10,000).
     + Tax
  • The buyer would pay Reptile Express the value of the animals’ as well as the shipping cost
  • Once the seller ships to the buyer and the species; morph and quantities are correct, we will release the funds to the seller
  • We are NOT responsible for the sex or health of the animals when it comes to releasing funds to the seller as it would be hard to confirm
  • Buyer however has the option of returning the animal(s) back to the seller if sex/health weren’t met, with an additional shipping cost. Once the seller has received the animals, we would release the funds back to the buyer (minus the shipping fees)

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